ЕДНО ПОСЛАНИЕ “ХВЪРЛЕНО НА СЛЯПО” (За един неизследван ритуал по материали от Пловдивските махали) – Красимир Асенов

Author: Krassimir Asenov


The paper provides a description of a ritual, unpublished and uninitiated into scientific circulation, which is part of the cultural memory and practices of the residents of the ethnically segregated neighbourhoods in Plovdiv and the region. The chronotope, psychological motives and purpose of the ritual are presented in detail. There is also a detailed description of the channels through which the communication exchange occurs in the dyad “communicator – recipient”. The algorithm of the presented ritual is traced as well as the consequences following the decoding and acceptance of the main messages, generated by the communicator.

Key words: ritual, play, dance, communication, ethnic communities

About Krassimir Asenov

Докторант. Философско-исторически факултет, Пловдивски университет "Паисий Хилендарски", Пловдив 4000, ул. "Цар Асен", 24. e-mail: krasimirasen@gmail.com