The text is a publication of an original document: the filedwork diary kept by Radost Ivanova during collective fieldwork research of the Institute of Folklore (1973-2010) in the region of Mihailovgrad (today – the district of Montana) from 21 to 29 November 1982. This is a testimony for the fieldwork activities of the Bulgarian folklorists during socialism and for research procedures (today abandoned) of collective field trips lasting mostly from ten days to two weeks. “The diary” presents the specialization of the teams characteristic of the then Institute of Folklore (in this case: folklorists-narrativists, ethnomusicologists, specialists in Bulgarian rituals, a specialist in folk art and a professional photographer, a total of eleven people). The story of the work of folklorists contains evidence of the social and economic reality in Bulgarian villages over the last decade of socialism.

The publication is accompanied by a “Commentary” by Milena Benovska-Săbkova designed to broaden the context of the authentic document and directed to that part of today’s audience that is less familiar with the institutions and figures of Bulgarian folkloristics in the 1980s.

Key words: ethnographic field work, history of ethnology in Bulgaria.


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