Call for Papers 9/1/2022


The theme of traditions is classical and remains relevant to ethnology and anthropology in Europe. It is classical because traditions have been central to the anthropological/ethnological studies since their inception as a science to the present day, but also “hotly relevant” because of the vitality of cultural practices defined as traditional, which are transformed, reconfigured, and present as significant in the everyday culture of Europeans today. Undoubtedly, in Europe there is a process of revival of traditions, turning to the past by rediscovering and /or inventing local traditions (re/traditionalization).

In response, ethnographic studies of this process are multiplying in all parts of the continent. The empirical material is considered in the context of various theoretical paradigms and approaches, such as invention of tradition (Eric Hobsbawm), revitalization (Jeremy Boissevain), structural nostalgia (Michael Herzfeld), with a focus on the political use of traditions by local and national actors. In the context of the ‘heritage boom’, stimulated by UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage policies, local practices are being rethought and re-evaluated as traditions at the emic level and given a new impetus for revitalization and (re) ritualization.

The thematic section of issue 9/2022 of journal Антропология/Anthropology will be dedicated to the contemporary processes of revitalization of traditions and heritage-making.

We invite authors who will contribute to the elucidation of the topic with their empirical research and/or theoretical interpretations. Some of the thematic highlights in this issue are:

– Traditions and traditionalization

– Local and national traditions in the context of globalization and migration

– Ritualization and festivalization

– Re-enchantment of the world and de/secularization

– Heritage, heirs and collective identities

– Musealization and commoditization

Deadline for manuscripts submission: January 30, 2022

Deadline for publication: October 2022

Papers are reviewed anonymously.

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